Omega-3s + MCT Oil Smoothies

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We can’t age healthily without these vital nutrients.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are among the most healing supplements in nature. Don’t let the heavy, clunky names put you off (dihydro-thingy and eicosa-you know what). Those are not important. What matters is that omega-3s are needed to put out the inflammatory fire in our bodies.

Inflammation comes in many forms: allergies, vital and bacterial infections, irritants, toxins, faulty microbiome, electromagnetic fields (like cellphones and smart meters), abrasion and the like. The important thing is that inflammation is one of the most destructive of all aging processes in our bodies.

We all need lashings of omega-3s
(more so than omega-6s and omega-9s). 

The Many Healing Benefits of Omega-3s


Most commercial omega-3s are made from fish oils and they stink. That’s true even of omega-rich krill oil. If you take it as capsules, you still get the taste. A few minutes later, you start with “fish burps”, right? (that’s a real term; you can Google it!)

It’s given as the main reason why people stop taking these incredibly beneficial health supplements.

Is there a way to beat that?

Yes, and I’m coming to it.

1. Not Plant-Based Sources

There is a reason why we use fish oils. They are extremely bio-available (ready for our bodies to use).

Most people can get omega-3s from plant sources (I say most people because not everyone has the genetic pathway to make the conversion, north Europeans and their descendants particularly).

We can also convert the omega-3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA)—found in plants like flax and hemp, but also soy, walnuts and chia seeds—into EPA and then DHA.

Unfortunately, only five to ten percent of plant omega-3s make it to EPA, and just two to five percent makes it to DHA. In other words getting the benefits of DHA and EPA from plant-based sources isn’t very efficient for your body.

Vegans have a difficult time with these essential fatty acids.

2. Off The Spoon!

Thanks to the remarkable product platform used in the manufacture of my Omega Smoothies, which utilizes 40 different patented and patents-pending technologies, we can get rid of the fishy smell and “fish burps” entirely, without reducing the omega-3 content.

Specifically, patented eSolv® technology preserves the EPA and DHA content and at the same time prevents spoiling and oxidation in the finished product. Hence, all the benefits, none of the stink!

But that’s not all. My manufacturers have found a way to provide delicious and exciting flavors, without reducing the medical impact of these omega-3s!

You can enjoy familiar flavors, without swallowing any calories, such as peach and mango.

My favorite though is breakfast vanilla pancakes and maple syrup! It’s a great way to get your essential fatty acids in the morning and—wait for it—this great flavor is the vegetarian option (no fish oil, just coconut MCT derivatives).

The thing to grasp is that, despite the feast of flavors, there is NO FOOD in these flavorings. Neither are there chemical fakes, like the food industry uses. These are just a nice “essence of food” flavor. Despite all the riches of taste, there is virtually ZERO SUGAR in my Omega Smoothies.

3. No Flavor Enhancements

In fact, here’s a little-known scientific secret. Most food flavor comes in the fat portion. So when the world went insane on “low fat” and fat free, food tasted HORRIBLE. All the flavor vanished! The manufacturers responded by adding sugar and chemical tastes, notably MSG, which as you know is highly addictive.

NOT SO MY OMEGA SMOOTHIES! Because we have brought back the fat, as essential fatty acids, we can create gorgeous flavors without any significant food presence… just a hint of berries, pie, vanilla, pancakes, or whatever. No actual food remember.

The calories come from the omega-3s and the liposomal-micelles, which are actually valuable nutrients in their own right.

There will eventually be a “menu” of tastes. For now, I have initiated the manufacturing process with two flavors: one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian option. Peach-Mango and Breakfast Pancakes (vanilla and maple. Yum!!)

I’m sure you’ll like ‘em!